E-Styling Terms + Conditions

Each E-Styling package applies to the design of one room only. Where the home has open living areas, one room constitutes one defined living space. i.e. Dining room, or lounge room. We understand that sometimes rooms can have unusual nooks and such, if this is the case get in touch and we can give you a quote for the additional work. If the additional space is small enough we will include it in the design at no additional charge. 


Scope of work includes furniture selections, accessories, artwork, lighting, soft furnishings. It does not include custom furniture or cabinetry. Unless previously agreed, space planning will work with existing room layout. E-styling does not include any structural changes to the room.


If, in your design questionnaire you request lighting that needs to be fitted by an electrician we will select products and design them into your space accordingly. Due to the nature of e-styling we are unable to know if the products can be installed where we suggest so you will need to confirm this with an electrician before installation. Object Union takes no responsibility for lighting being installed incorrectly. If you would like us to recommend hard wired lighting into your space, we recommend that you check with an electrician in advance to see what you are able to do in your space. 


Final design documents include:

  • a mood board showing a selection of chosen products to give you an idea of the overall look of the final room design. 

  • detailed shopping list including all final selections outlining item descriptions, price, and where to buy.

  • plans showing suggested placement of furniture and accessories.


We take designing for you seriously and therefore making sure we get it right takes time. Pease allow up to 4 weeks from the time we receive your design questionnaire answers, to receive your completed design.


We do our best to design your room based on the information you provide in your design questionnaire, and while we think you will love the design we create for you, we understand that issues may arise.  We recommend that before you engage our e-styling services you take a look around our website and get an understanding for our style so you have a strong idea of what to expect. If you aren’t happy with the design we produce, a redesign will incur a fee. 


Please note that the designs are suggestions only; if you do not like a particular item we have chosen then use it as a guide to find something more in line with your taste.  The designs should be used as a guide to show you how we would design your room.


We love one of a kind items, so while we do our best to always recommend items that are available for sale at the time we present your design to you, this may not always be the case. If this happens, you are more than welcome to get in touch with us within 2 weeks and we will happily recommend a new product, free of charge. 


When you purchase an e-styling package you will be given a code that gives you 15% off your Object Union purchases when you spend over $2000 in one transaction, this excludes shipping. The discount can only be used by one customer, for one transaction, and is valid for 12 months.


Where we recommend items from other retailers, the purchasing of those items is your responsibility. Object Union takes no responsibility for issues that arise with items bought through other retailers. 


The Object Union aesthetic consists of high quality, unique, often hand-crafted pieces, and this needs to be taken into account when considering budget.  As a general guide, to achieve our look, the e-styling charge of $895 should be approximately 10% of your interior design budget for each room.