March is that month where you sit back and think ‘where did those first two months go?!’ It feels like only a week or so ago I was in the post silly season fog, and now here we are in MARCH!?? How did that happen? Summer is winding down and things are getting a little more serious. I love Summer, but the cooler days that start to break up the lingering Summer heat are a nice change and you start to fall into a routine that makes everything that much easier to manage.

I thought it would be fun to do an edit each month of Object Union pieces I’m currently loving. I don’t really play favourites, I love everything in my store (obvs), but these are things I love that I also happen to think look amazing together. Hopefully it gives you an insight into my vibe, but also gives you a little inspo for your space, and how to put different pieces together.

This first edit is about texture and warmth. Though that’s what OU is about so it will probably be a running theme through all of my monthly edits. Starting with a neutral base (always!) you can see the warmer hues coming through in this collection with the pinks, reds and oranges. Contrasting with hints of blue and then adding pops of black to bring a more refined, modern touch to the edit. Mixing different materials like ceramics and wood with bold, patterned textiles creates lots of warmth and character to a space. Then tying it all together with artwork that subtly picks up the tones of the collection and unique accessories that add interest and you’re good to go.


  1. Tea Pot in Natural

  2. Avani Cushion

  3. Brunswick Rooftops, Melbourne by Peggy Says

  4. Pembe Towel

  5. Inside Utopia

  6. Redwood Candle

  7. Dalil Cushion

  8. Bath + Meditate Bundle

  9. Large Tray in Maple

  10. Anjali Kantha Quilt (coming soon)

  11. Bahru Rome in Black

  12. Iringa Black Accent Grass Basket

  13. Vintage Turkish Rug

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