April is here! ..and I have no idea where March went, it seriously flew by. So here is my April edit. This month’s edit went a little dark, in the best kinda way. I love black. Half of my wardrobe is black, and I personally subscribe to the belief that every interior needs little touch of black. Black draws the eye, adds a touch of refinement and modern feel to a space, and never goes out of style.

Black has always had a place in interior design, but in recent years it has really had a resurgence. Think black tap ware, sleek steel window and door frames, and striking graphic elements typical of the hugely popular Scandinavian style. Make no mistake, it’s not just Scandinavian design where black works it’s magic. Even in the most pastel and pretty of interiors black can take a space to the next level. So this month, my edit let’s black take the lead. If your home could do with a touch of black, or you’re a big fan like me, this one’s for you.



  1. Palm 3, Ubud Bali by Denise Rix

  2. Hasami Porcelain Large Bowl in Black

  3. Breu Resin Incense Sticks

  4. Linen and Wool Double Sided Blanket

  5. Polka Dot Olive Wood and Cow Bone Servers

  6. Beaded Box in Sand and Black

  7. Bahru Leather Cushion in Black

  8. Bahru Amsterdam Bag in Black

  9. Ipek Towel in Charcoal

  10. Ribbed Bowl in Walnut

  11. Indian Textile Cushion

  12. Los Perdidos Rug

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